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Celebration helium balloons and party streamers
PLanning - but with flexibility!
We have catered for functions ranging from an intimate group of six, to a massive celebration of over
500. We have erected marquees over swimming pools, in an aircraft hanger and even on a roof. We welcome a challenge and detailing is our passion, using a digital planning system to help you visualise the layout. Fluctuating numbers is no problem, because as long as we know five days before the event we can adjust the plan as necessary. Even if it rains on the day, our designs will ensure that adequate space is provided to receive your guests in a dry environment and ensure the celebration continues without interference from the elements.
Table size and spacing will depend on the service style which is planned, and finger food, buffet, or silver service can all be accommodated within our schemes. We work with many local and national caterers, so can always suggest suitable suppliers for your chosen cuisine. As for the bar - be it a booze run from France or your local pub supplying, we can fit in with your needs, and when necessary will arrange licencing and provide bar and waiting staff.

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